Monday, March 23, 2020

March Updates

In March 2020 , Local Edge Configurator is releasing capability to configure Industrial Edge  Reference Designs.

These solutions are developed with our global  to specifically meet the need of Industrial Edge computing applications.
Our Reference Designs are engineered and tested with our IT Alliance partners to meet the recommended deployment requirements for AVEVA System Platform and AVEVA Historian.

Industrial Edge Reference Designs

Local Edge Configurator now has capability to guide users to configure one of the three AVEVA reference architectures. 
Users can select from list and modify options based on their need.
This feature will be available in following countries:
USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain

BOM correction for Pre-integrated racks

Local Edge Configurator now suggests  alternate sensor SKUs which can be pre-integrated for for Pre-integrated rack configurations. Users are suggested to replace NBACS125 in theie pre-integrated configuration with NBHN125, NBRK0250 and NBES0303 instead.

MicroDC xpress offer now removed

MicroDC xpress configuration option is removed from Local Edge Configurator. Users should instead use pre-integrated rack option instead to configure and order pre-integrated racks.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How to request third party equipment to be added to Local Edge Configurator

If you are unable to find a third party device in Local Edge Configurator, you should carry out the following steps to have it added:

1. Visit
2. If you have EcoStruxure IT credentials, then click on the link at the top right of the page called 'Sign in using your EcoStruxure IT credentials'.
3. Pick 'Device support request' for the 'Please choose your issue below'.
4. Fill in your email address.
5. In the Product field, select 'StruxureWare Data Center Operations'.
6. Enter the Device Vendor and Device Model fields.
7. Pick the Device Type:
    i. ‘Server’ if it’s a Server.
    ii. 'Other’ if it’s network gear or storage.
8. Enter 'Add to Genome' in the Subject field.
9. Enter the Description of the device that you'd like to add. Mention that you are using Local Edge Configurator. If you are entering network gear or storage, define which of the two it is.
10. If you have attachments that has more information about the device, click on the 'Add file' or drag and drop to the field.
11. Press 'Submit' to have your request processed.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

October 2019 updates

This quarter the focus has been on adding capability to pre-integrate racks for faster and easier deployments.
In addition tool extends support for 6U wall mount rack configurations for small micro datacenter needs.
Following are the new features added in Local Edge Configurator with october 2019 release.

Pre-integrate rack designs(NAM & EMEA**)

The pre-integration features allows you to request assembling your rack in the Schneider Electric factory before it is shipped.

Follow these simple steps to pre-integrate your rack:
  • Select the rack and other equipment
  • Drag and drop equipment into rack
  • Select rack and pre-integrate
Note that only certain equipment can be pre-integrated. SKUs that cannot be pre-integrated will be sent to you separately.

** Pre-integrated is available in Andorra, Andorra, Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Faeroe Islands, France, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Moldova, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Marino, Ukraine and Vatican City as well as United States and Canada.

6U wall mountable racks

AR106V and AR106VI are new 6U racks in Schneider Electric's product list. These racks can be wall mounted and are ideal for micro-data center needs.

Local Edge Configurator has updated its rack view to showcase and utilize vertical mounting capability.

Coming Soon: Pre-integration capability for wall mounted racks.

Find Matching equipment

Use this feature to find compatible parts for already selected equipment.The feature is available in Catalog page while listing equipment as well as in rack view.

Catalog Page:

  • From Search results , click on "Matching Products" to view list of SKUs compatible with your selected equipment.
  • Select required SKU and Add.

Rack View

  • Select an equipment and click "Matching Products" icon in widget.
  • Select a SKU and click Add.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Aug 2019 updates

Following new features are added into Local edge configurator in Aug 2019.

1. Reference Designs for international

 Micro datacenter reference designs are now available for follwing countries in international region:
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
a. Select from options "IT" or "Office"
  b. Modify requirements if required , tool suggests respective                equipment list and total design price.
 c.  Click "Add to Design" to add to design.

2. List price option for Japan

List prices are now available for Japan users.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Pre-integrated rack configuration and factory capability

What are Pre-integrated rack configurations

Pre-integrated racks are Assemble to Order configurations for a speedy and hassle free deployment .
They save time,money, space for end users and system integrators receiving, deploying, and installing products and keep them focused on the IT rather than physical infrastructure.

Your selected rack and other equipment are assembled in one package before shipping  in a Schneider Electric factory and are ready to use in your premises. These are ideal solutions for edge and IoT applications where deployment speed, reliability and security is paramount.

Users can choose to pre-integrate any rack which has at least one piece of equipment in it to pre-integrate.

Pre-integration is limited to Schneider Electric products only. For a complete listing of products the LEC will identify those racks that can be pre-integrated and accessories available for integration will be identified as added. For a comprehensive list view this reference chart 

How does it work?

Local Edge configurator helps you to create a pre-integrated rack configuration in three easy steps. Tool ensures that accessories required to pre-integrate your design are automatically included in your design. Follow the steps below for sending your rack configuration for pre-integration in Schneider Electric factories.

1. Select Rack and other equipment

  • Find rack and other required equipment in design.
  • You can use search for equipment or use filter options in catalog page to find suitable equipment.

2. Drag and drop equipment into rack.

  • Switch to rack view from side navigation bar .
  • Drag and drop equipment into the rack.

3. Pre-integrate

  • Click on rack to view additional features widget.
  • Select  pre-integration option. 
  • Once selected to pre-integrate , Local edge configurator adds required accessories , installation service costs to the bill of material.


    Switch back to normal mode by clicking again on the pre-integrate icon. In that case the selected rack will not be pre-integrated and all the equipment and rack will be shipped in separate packages and will require onsite assembly.

    4. Choose a shock pallet rack option.

    For proper shipment of the rack and installed equipment a shock pallet is required when exceeding the weight limit of the standard pallet. The weight limits of the standard pallet are:
    • -300lb (136kg) for 600-700mm racks
    • -375lb (170kg) 750-800mm racks
    If you exceed this threshold a warning will appear and require another rack to be chosen to complete the design with pre-integration.

    Note: NetShelter CX and SX3K racks always ship on a shock pallet

    Watch this video for details

    Design Validations

    Local Edge validates if the design can be successfully pre-integrated.
    In case of any discrepancies , validation section displays necessary warnings.
    Refer to Alerts section below for help to remove most common errors.

    List of configuration SKUs and design price

    Switch to "Solution" Page to view bill of material and price for each pre-integrated design.


    Pre-integrated racks feature prevents users from checkout if the design has errors. Remove errors to proceed.
    The following table includes a list of most common errors and tips to remove those errors.

    Sr.# Error Resolution
    1 The equipment weight in Rack 1 exceeds safe shipping threshold. Please select a rack with shock absorbing pallet (AR***SP) to safely integrate and transport assembled configuration. Replace rack
    2 Equipment UPS is not compatible with Rack marked as Assemble to Order Find a UPS compatible with rack and replace incompatible UPS. Use Find Matching feature to find compatible equipment.
    3 Equipment PDU is not compatible with UPS marked as Assemble to Order Find a PDU compatible with rack and replace incompatible PDU. Use Find Matching feature to find compatible equipment.

    Sunday, July 7, 2019

    July 2019 Updates

    In July 2019 , Local Edge configurator team focused on improving user interface and fixing localization issues. 
    Scroll down for complete list of new features in this month:

    1. Localisation issues

    • Device description is now displayed as expected in Korean language
    • Japanese :PDF format of Assembly and BOM reports are now corrected for translation.
    • Japanese: No error in opening reports in PDF format.

    2. Improved UI - Start with pre-validated design options(NAM and Europe)

    Micro data center reference designs option is moved to the top of page . This will allow users to start first with pre-validated and guided option to start configuring their micro data center designs.

    Monday, May 20, 2019

    May 2019 Updates

    In May 2019, Local Edge Configurator brings many new features to improve design and configuration experience for users.

    •  "Micro Data Center Reference Designs" are now available in Europe. These designs  present users with pre-validated, fully configured rack designs. Users can also make changes to these designs to suit their needs.
    •  This release also includes improved validation and SKU suggestion options for better design and configuration experience. Following is the list of new features: 

    1. Micro Data Center Reference Designs for Europe

    Step1: Start by selecting "Environment Type": IT or Office.

    Step 2: Guidance feature shows an optimum solution for selected environment. Change requirements to suit your needs and Local Edge Configurator shows a relevant list of SKUs.

    Click "Add to Design" when your configuration is complete.

    2. Rack PDU capacity validation

    • Local Edge Configurator now has a feature to validate load against connected rack PDU.
    • Users will see a warning when load exceeds rPDU's capacity.

    3. Vertical mounting position indicator

    • Available zero U positions are displayed at the bottom of each rack.
    • Count is updated as vertical equipment is added to the rack.

    4. Find Matching service SKUs for selected equipment

    • Users can now select service SKUs suitable for selected equipment.
    • This feature is available in Catalog view and Rack view.
    • Catalog view: Select equipment from the list and click "Matching Services" to find matching service SKUs.
    • Rack view: Select Rack or any equipment and "Matching Services" option is available in the widget. Click to list relevant service SKUs.

    5. Modify U-height for 3rd party equipment

    • Users can now modify U-height for 3rd party equipment in Rack view.
    • Select equipment and set U-height from the right hand side properties panel.

    6. Reference Designs NAM : New software and monitoring sku

    W1YONSITENBD-SP-* SKUs will not not only remote monitor the UPS (EcoStruxure Asset Advisor does) but also the labor cost if that UPS needs fixing. This SKU is added to design when user selects Software and Monitoring -> Schneider option.

    Thursday, March 21, 2019

    March 2019 updates

    In March 2019, Local Edge Configurator brings many new features to improve design and configuration experience for users.
    • Pre-configured MicroDC design options have a new addition, "Micro Data Center Reference Designs"   presenting users with pre-validated, fully configured rack designs. At the same time, users can make   changes to these designs to suit their needs
    •  Alliance Reference Architectures are now available in Europe.
    •  Additionally, we are happy to announce feature enhancements in the tool based on feedback received  from users across the globe.

    Micro Data Center Reference Designs for NAM

    Use Reference designs to add pre-validated rack solutions into your edge solution.

    •  Start by selecting your environment - 'IT' or 'Office'.
    • The tool guides the user to complete a design by presenting pre-validated design components that fit together. Reference Designs are powered by Ecostruxure offer for better Monitoring and Control.
    • Add or remove components based on your needs. 

    Alliance Reference Architectures for Europe

    Alliance Reference Architectures (previously referred as HCIs) are now available for use in Europe. Choose from three options "Cisco", "HPE”, and "Scale" to find further configuration options to add an Alliance Architecture in your Design.

    Conditional auto approval for Europe

    Solutions created via Local Edge Configurator in Europe can now be auto approved with user's consent in design portal.
    Before submitting solution , click on "Accept warnings" to proceed for Auto approval of a solution.

    Include prices in downloadable reports

    Equipment prices now available in downloadable Reports. Download report in word format to edit. These price adjustments however will not be reflected in ISX design or in order management system.

    Marking “Existing” Equipment in reports.

    Updated assembly and elevation reports: Existing equipment is included and clearly marked in these reports for better view of rack design for users.

    Add equipment  Physical characteristics  to reports.

    New report: "Rack Weight" gives users an overview of the total weight of the custom configured rack to help them decide placement of rack in raised floor conditions.

    New product filter  options.

    Local Edge Configurator has added two new categories in filter options to help users find relevant products based on product type and product family

    • Use "Management" filter options to find monitoring and control software products.
    • Use "UPS options and accessories" filter options to find requires UPS options and accessories.

    Management Filter Options

    UPS Options and Accessories

    Sunday, November 18, 2018

    Local Edge Configurator updates - November 2018

    New version of Local Edge Configurator has following new features :

    1. Country availability

    Local Edge Configurator is Now available in Qatar

    2. Updated UI

    Local Edge Configurator pages are redesigned for better user experience :

    1. Navigation bar is moved from Top to Left.
    2. Easy access to User Preferences , click on "Settings" icon to view/Edit.
    3. Collapsible side navigation makes more room in Rack View.

    3. Editable Custom Devices

    Now you can Edit physical and Electrical parameters of your custom device.

    4. Easy Service selection 
    Find and add Installation and Extended warranty services to your design using new service filter options.

    5. President Racks for India

    Add President Racks to design via Local Edge Configurator.

    Saturday, June 30, 2018

    Mark as existing

    You can mark any equipment as existing In the Rack View either directly in the Rack View or using the right-hand mounting tree. Once the equipment is selected, you can mark it as existing by using the keyboard shortcut 'e'.

    APC equipment that is marked as existing will be excluded from the Bill of Materials and shipping report.

    Mark existing

    March Updates

    In March 2020 , Local Edge Configurator is releasing capability to configure Industrial Edge  Reference Designs. These  solutions are ...